SafeVans - Furniture Assembling

If you are short on time and would like to remove the hassle of building your own furniture, we are pleased to offer an Assembling Service. We are providing a professional furniture assembly service in your home, garden or place of work. Our guys have experience in assembling a wide range of furniture from many different manufacturers and retailers.

We will tacle the jobs that you don't want to do whan it comes to flatpack furniture. It could be that you have lost your screwdriver. It could be that you haven't got time. Whatever the reason SafeVans are here to help.



The hourly rate for 1 person is £40 - minimum 2h

The hourly rate for 2 people is £45 - minimum 2h

We will remove all the packaging waste for you at the end of the day for £30.

Finish the job you started

If you started to assemble you flatpack furniture and find it all too much we will gladly come along and finish the job you started.

From store to door collection

We will collect from the store/shop if you are unable to get you furniture home,

If You decide to use our assembling service you can enjoy half price offer on delivery service.


Most often it can also be included in our removals or packing/unpacking quote. Please specify during making an order. It can be easier than you ever thought.

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