Frequently Asked Questions



Q. How long in advance do I need to make the booking if i'd like to use your services?

A. It depends on our availability and size and length of your move. If you know that you need us for longer give us a call as soon as you know the date. We often make bookings for the same day but if you want to make sure we have available time-slot give us a call at least week or two earlier.

Q. Can I change the date or time or cancel the booking?

A. Once you have made the booking with us we reserve the van and our removal team for given period of time allowing also extra time for getting to your address and for coming back. If for any reason you would need to cancel this booking we will ask you to pay cancellation fee. If due to unforeseen circumstances you have to change time or date we will try to reschedule the job if possible.

Q. How much is it going to cost me and how can I make the payment?

A. You can check our standard prices on our removal prices page. Alternatively you can obtain no obligation removal quote here. We are flexible regarding payment method. We accept bank transfers, cash or credit/debit cards. Please check our terms and conditions.

Q. Are my belongings insured?

A. Yes. All your belongings are covered by our £10.000 insurance policy. Please be aware that only items packed by us or unpacked are covered by this insurance. For details check removal insurance.


Q. I ordered your standard service - transit size van with two movers. Will your guys help me move my stuff upstairs?

A. Of course. That's what we are there for. We will carry all your goods to the van and then we put them wherever you'd like in your house. If it is above first floor at any of locations (pick-up or drop-off) please let us know in advance, so we can allocate a bit more time for loading or unloading.

Q. I am concerned about the size of my wardrobe. It has been assembled inside my house. What happens if it doesn't fit through the door?

A. Do not worry. In most cases people who try to measure/imagine how to move their bulky furniture around do not have enough experience to do it right. We've heard stories of enormous sofas which would not come through the door, then majority of them required only simple solutions like unscrewing legs. If in worst case scenario we have to disassemble you furniture, we will do it and then we will put it up on the other end. Our movers are trained and experienced. Our vans are equipped with basic tools to carry out such jobs but if you know that you will need us to do some assembling or disassembling, please mention that when booking.



Q. Do you provide packing materials for every move?

A. No, generally we do not provide packing materials. We can get them for you in your local storage place and deliver them to you.



Q. What are you doing with all the goods or rubbish from clearances?

A. If the goods are in good condition first of all we offer them to our local charities. This way we can ensure that things are being reused instead of getting wasted. All other goods which are unusable we deliver to one of London's registered recycling centers. Over there things are being sorted and recycled.

Q. Are there any restrictions to what can be collected?

A. Yes, we cannot take any hazardous waste: paint, gas cylinders, etc.

Q. What about saving the environment?

A. By recycling most of our own waste we reduce carbon footprint of our services. "Reuse or recycle" is the motto behind our clearance service. Even though we work on the road using vans and burning diesel we can say we do everything to be enviromentally friendly.



Updated: 10/10/09 - London Man and Van - frequently asked questions.