London Clearance

Man and van London removal clearances and recycling


A big part of our services are London Clearances. Since majority of our customers asking us for disposal of household and garden furniture, we always make sure that anything reusable is getting reused and everything recyclable is getting recycled.

We cooperate with few local charity shops, where we give away any goods which may still be of some value. Our staff will be able to tell you straight away, what items are likely to be accepted by these shops. It is hard to imagine but sometimes these charities do not have any demand for particular piece of furniture even if it's in perfect condition. Whenever you know someone who might need any of the goods you want to dispose - tell us in advance and we get in touch with them to arrange drop-off.

London removal clearances

Rubbish or furniture which are not suitable for reuse are delivered to recycling centres. Luckily for London clearances there is a network of regulated, borough-controlled recycling points. We are registered with this network so you can be sure we are not fly-tipping things, which we promised to get recycled. Upon request we can provide you with the bill for every van load disposed in one of these places.

Due to government regulation we have to pay for each load which contains mixed material and need to be sorted before recycling. London Clearances.

London Clearance


Updated: 13/04/08 - London Removal Company

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