Man and van London removal vehicles


There is wide range of vehicles used by London removal company. Some prefer large lorries, some vans and others try to shine with custom made - fireman like removal tracks. I would say there's no one better than the others - every kind is best for some particular task in certain environment.

That is mainly why we have in our fleet removal vans of different shapes and sizes. Each job is different and each client has it's own requirements.

We are based in london and most of our removal jobs are in london. Everyone knows, how easy is to park a car in London. Imagine now parking a lorry in small street at West Hempstead. Often it's a nightmare and sometimes it is simply impossible.

For our London removals we use various sizes of Vans. They much easier to park and to load. We can get much closer to the property, we can park just outside your staircase without blocking all street. Additionally if the load is bigger we will bring you two or three vans which will come at staggered times so when second team starts loading, the first one is on his way or already unloading at the destination. Many of our clients found this removal solution much more suitable for them. It gets done by our London removal company quicker and much cheaper.

Majority of london removals do not need even the big van. If you moving from one bedroom flat you call our Man and Van London and we will assess what size of van will be enough for you. This way you don't have to incur extra charges for the vehicle size you would never fill up.

Vans in our fleet come in few ranges.

- Medium size panel van (e.g. Medium Wheel Base Ford Transit) - These are best for small loads, up to 8 cubic meters. You can you use them if you moving studio or one bedroom flat and have only one bed, mattress, few chests of drawers, no more than 20 boxes and bags

- Large size panel van (e.g. long wheel base, high roof Ford Transit) - Definitely most popular between our clients. Big enough to do small moving house London. It's suitable for one or two bedroom flat/house. It fits easily king size bed, a wardrobe, few chests of drawers, 50+ boxes and bags. It's loading volume is around 13 cubic meters.

- Standard size luton van (platform van with a box build on it and overhead above cruise cabin. It is well known by it's shape and it is being used by London removal company and Man and Van London. Main advantages of this model are size and lack of wheel arches in loading box. It is much easier and flexible to load and it also comes with a ramp to lift the heaviest stuff. Loading volume around 18 cubic meters.

- XL luton van (our biggest van, 4.2 Tonnes, 14 feet long, 22 cubic meters loading space.


Updated: 7/04/08 - London Removal Company

Regards from Man and van London Removals